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Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency projects carried out by experienced professionals MULTI , ranging from pre -diagnosis , diagnosis , executive projects and customer implementations of various segments , such as public water and sanitation ( Exchange of motors, pumps and controls in Pumping Stations the Water and Sanitation Company of Pernambuco ) , public buildings ( replacement of cooling the building of the City Hall Recife , Caruaru Prefecture , the Palace of the Princesses fields , Municipal School Humberto Barradas system - Jaboatão Guararapes ) , ornamental lighting and artistic museums ( Campo das Princesas Palace , Museum of Contemporary Art in Pernambuco , Malakoff Tower , the State Museum of PE ) , industries ( Factory Pilar ) , commercial establishments ( Bompreço ) , and calculations of the RCB ( cost- benefit) and reporting in accordance with the rules of the National Electric Energy Agency ( ANEEL ) . Other areas where we have expertise are in Energy Management Municipal projects as references in Gravesend - EP , Taboao da Serra - SP , Caruaru - PE , Caetés - PE ; environmental education , such as the construction and adaptation of mobile units , educational spaces and socio -educational activities in schools and nonprofits ; addition to projects in low income communities throughout Brazil . Measurements and verifications of projects were also made ​​according to IPMVP , thus verifying that what was implemented are consistent with the proposed projects.

Complemented its expertise, MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS uses information technology as an ally in the management, implementation and execution of projects. Uses software like "GP3" project management system based on the concepts of Project Management Institute (PMI); Pyramid system, financial management, budgeting and accounting; the WindPRO, software for modeling of wind farms; design of transmission lines and simulations (PLS CADD) and RH3 (HRM) program.

The company revalidation of the certificates of ISO 9001 (management services) and 14,001 (integrated environmental management system) quality process, demonstrating the continuous quest for service excellence.