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Sugar and Alcohol Group

MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS understands the growing concern of customers in search of opportunities to combat waste of electricity, avoiding unnecessarily investments made in their facilities.

Constantly Aiming on waste reduction, and increase of the production ratio versus consumption, JB Sugar and Alcohol Group hired MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS to develop energy audit of its facilities located in Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco, with the lifting of loads installed, points of energy losses, and determining the improvement in energy consumption.

Complemented its expertise, MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS uses information technology as an ally in the management, implementation and execution of projects. Uses software like "GP3" project management system based on the concepts of Project Management Institute (PMI); Pyramid system, financial management, budgeting and accounting; the WindPRO, software for modeling of wind farms; design of transmission lines and simulations (PLS CADD) and RH3 (HRM) program.

The company revalidation of the certificates of ISO 9001 (management services) and 14,001 (integrated environmental management system) quality process, demonstrating the continuous quest for service excellence.