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A Consulting Engineering and projects Company, MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS provides products and services which are integrated solutions for the development and deployment of power plants through renewable sources, wind, solar and biomass, projects in the area of energy efficiency, transmission lines, substations, municipal, state and federal energy management, owner´s engineering, integrated management of operation and maintenance, energy research and development and innovation, always looking for more efficient use of the energy potential, minimizing investment costs and maximizing the performance of power and distribution plants and business of customers and partners.

Energy Audit and Management Public Administration (AM)

Taking care of public property of municipalities and population is one of the activities performed by MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS, ranging from appraisal of electricity bills, through survey and cadastre of public lighting, squares and municipal buildings, going to the supervision of the concession contract Maintenance of Public Lighting, awareness of public servants and teachers and students of public schools to the need to avoid wasting electricity.

Regulatory Audit (RA)

As a concerned to minimize the harmful actions under the financial point of view, image and regulatory company, MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS developed this product to meet the electric utilities, generation and distribution, providing support prior to inspection and findings of noncompliance regulatory agencies assisting companies previously.

Commissioning of Electrical Installations (CI)

For Multiempreendimentos performance criteria and operational safety are vital and essential to the achievement of commissioning services of electrical high, medium and low voltage at industrial, commercial and electrical systems with quality and low cost.

Business Development

To MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS, it is essential that customers use with maximum efficiency available energy, resulting in a cleaner production without waste. In addition to its care in the development of projects and solutions that exceed customer expectations, seeking the best financial results and business partners.

Energy Efficiency (EE) and Research and Development and Technological Innovation (R&D+I)

Practice area with nationally recognized professionals in energy efficiency and energy research and development, MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS believes in developing sustainable projects without waste of energy and also directed the best result and business development partners. Develops all stages, from designing the initial study, diagnosis, structure, operation, development and final report.
Our Focus
Efficient and appropriate solutions to each client, whether for procurement of power from its wind farms in the Regulated Environments and Free. Of Work, Owner's Engineering Management as well as for development of energy efficiency projects, Research and Technological Development and Innovation, Electrical Installations, Renewable Energy, Integrated Management for Operation and Maintenance.

Pedro in PV Power Brazil 2015


World Day of Wind

Complemented its expertise, MULTIEMPREENDIMENTOS uses information technology as an ally in the management, implementation and execution of projects. Uses software like "GP3" project management system based on the concepts of Project Management Institute (PMI); Pyramid system, financial management, budgeting and accounting; the WindPRO, software for modeling of wind farms; design of transmission lines and simulations (PLS CADD) and RH3 (HRM) program.

The company revalidation of the certificates of ISO 9001 (management services) and 14,001 (integrated environmental management system) quality process, demonstrating the continuous quest for service excellence.